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(Plaster Repair Mortar)

RAK PLAST PRM is a ready-made powder product,
 with a non-shrink property and excellent adhesion. 
It is use as a repair mortar.


• Pre-packed, easy to use material, requiring only the simple 
  addition of water.
• Precision made, consistent results. • Shrinkage compensating.
• High build, non-slump.
• Durable, low permeability.
• Weatherproof.
• Excellent compressive strength.
• High bond strength to prepared surfaces.
• Resistant to aggressive media

Main Uses

• Repair of damaged, weak or de-bonded areas.
• Replacement of damaged plasters especially on vertical areas.
• An all purpose economical product for
• Replacement cover for carbonated areas.
• Filling of honeycombs in new or old construction.
• Re-profiling of concrete or masonry.

Ordering Guide

Product No.      -- 403
Standards         -- BS-1881 / BS-6319, ASTM – C387
Packaging         -- 25 kg Paper / Plastic Bags
Color                 -- Grey

Do not accept the product if you find the packaging is damaged

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