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(Tile Cleaning Compound)

RAK CLEAN is a fast-acting, acid-based formula that dissolves mortar,
 cement stains and ingrained dirt. For use on tiles, brickwork and concrete.

• Quick removal of mortar stains, oil and grease, wax and fungi from 
brick work, concrete, asbestos, ceramic tiles and marbles.
• Suitable for cleaning of floors in garages, factories, godowns and general building sites.
• Also used for cleaning concrete surfaces before epoxy screedings and toppings.

RAK Clean is a light acid solution modified with active detergents.

To prevent the damage or discoloration try a sample of (1:2) RAK Clean 
with water. Areas of high contamination may need more than one treatment 
by using the original RAK Clean. The product may be used with a brush using 
a scrubbing action. Rinse o with clean water before drying. Where epoxy 
screeding is to be carried out, use undiluted RAK Clean, scrub well with a wire 
brush, allow approximately 10 minutes and thoroughly wash o all the solution 
with clean water. Allow to dry prior to epoxy screeding or topping.

It is normally possible to obtain 5 m2/kg depending on the 
porosity and contamination of substrate.

Ordering Guide
Product No.   -- 501
Standards      -- RAKAM
Packaging      -- 5 / 20 / 200 kg Packs
Color              -- Clear

Do not accept the product if you find the packaging is damaged

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