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1 1.5kg*10
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Packaging      -- 1.5 kg x10 per carton

(Cementitious Powder For Interior/Exterior Crack Repairs )

RAK FILLER Filler is a chemically modified cementitious powder 
designed for filling cracks up to 3mm for internal and external areas 
which develops early strength and excellent bonding.


For repairing of cracks in the concrete surfaces of Concrete Walls, Industrial
Floors, Ramps, Masonry Brick Works and Mortar plasters.


• Interior & Exterior crack repairs
• High compressive and bond strength
• Free from corrosion
• Superior workability
• Non-Shrink
• High Fluidity characteristic
• Ready to use & economical

2.5 kg /m2 3mm thick on fla t surface


It is recommended to mix a full 1.5 kg bag of RAK Filler with clean water. Place
approximately 0.13 Liter of water into mixer. Slowly add RAK Filler while stirring
continuously with slow speed electric drill (Rev. 300-600 rpm) or plastic mix. The
mixed material can be applied vertically or horizontally to fill the cracks, pores and
voids. For vertical application use a wet mix in order to prevent sagging.

Ordering Guide

Product No.   --  505
Standards      --  ASTM C - 109,  BS6319 - 1
Packaging      -- 1.5 kg x10 per carton
Color              --  White 

Do not accept the product if you find the packaging is damaged

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