RAKAM 507 - RAK Gypsum Compound

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(Joint Compound)

RAK GYPSUM COMPOUND is a ready to use high solids smooth paste 
use as a fine coat, joint filling compound for gypsum boards and specially 
manufactured for painters to repair/ touch up old/ new interiors that in turn 
provides high quality. even surface prior for painting.3


• Skim coat & joint filling compound for gypsum boards.
• Plaster over sand / cement rendering gypsum plaster & plaster board.
• Joining of interior wallboards into the compound.
• Filling of small cavities prior to painting.


Mix well and apply the paste with trowel or filling knife. Apply the filler in a thin even
layer and allow drying. Apply second coat, if necessary to achieve full leveling. Do not 
add water or any thinning materials. Light sand paper over the dry final surface before 
painting preferably within 24 hours of application. Thickness of each single layer should 
not exceed 800 microns in application, otherwise will result in cracking upon drying.

Ordering Guide
Product No.     -- 507
Standards       -- RAKAM
Packaging       -- 5 / 28 kg Packs
Color               -- White 

Do not accept the product if you find the packaging is damaged

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