RAKAM 601 RAK Anchor FIx 100N

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High Strength Polyester Resin Based Anchoring Grouts

RAK ANCHOR FIX 100N is a Polyester Resin Based Anchoring Grouts suitably
blended with Fillers and hardening materials. RAK Anchor fix a two component,
pre-measured resin grout. After hardening the Grout has high mechanical properties.

RAK Anchor Fix is used for High strength corrosion resistant anchoring of bolts 
and bars. from 12-25mm diameter into concrete rocks, masonry or brickwork 
where high speed of installation and earl application of load is required. Permanent 
installation of reinforcement starter bars, anchors reinforcement dowelling, barriers 
and safety fences, railway tracks, ground anchors for towers, cranes, dock sills etc. 


Rapid Strength gain
  • Non Expansive
  • Vibration resistant
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Can be used for wet and damp conditions
  • Can be placed under water

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