SAB® Coat HP (M) 214

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Elastomeric Waterproof & Protective Coating 

Based on Polyurethane Dispersion (PUD) 
(with Extended Elongation)


SAB®coat HP (M) 214:
Is a liquid applied elastomeric waterproof and protective 
coating based on polyurethane dispersion (PUD) 
The polyurethane is modified with specially selected 
polymers to form a tough, flexible and durable coating. 
It is completely free of hazardous ingredients.       

Waterproofing or vapor barrier protection of exposed roofs, 
domes, terraces, balconies, corrugated sheets and wet areas 
like kitchens, bathrooms & toilets.... etc.

As SAB® Tron insulation systems methodology, we use it as a 
final finishing coat due to its qualification against UV rays, that 
makes it particularly suitable to insure thermal and moisture protection.


Ready to use / apply single component product

Forms a highly elastomeric, tough and resilient membrane.

Environment friendly

Fast surface hardness, no tack surface, low dirt pick-up.

Excellent crack bridging properties

Exhibits high resistance to weather conditions and good resistance to UV radiation

Good adhesion and elastic recovery. Excellent resistance to water and vapor.

Good chemical resistance against diluted acids, oil, salts, bacteria and common fuels.

Technical Data:



Solid Content [%]

58 (+/-2)

SRI (Solar Reflective Index)

> 80

Elongation [%]

750 (+/- 50)  

Tensile Strength [N/mm²]

1.3 (+/- 0.1)


Pull Off Adhesion [N/mm²]

(at concrete failure)



Peel Off Adhesion [N/mm]



Crack Bridging [mm]



Hydrostatic Pressure @ 5bar (60m)

No leakage


Chemical Resistance

Dilute acids & alkalis, sea water


Full cure [days]



Application Temperature [°C]

5 to 35


Service Temperature [°C]

-20 to 70

(The properties shown below were obtained under laboratory conditions).

All values given are subject to 10% tolerance

Packaging and Storage:

Store under cover, out of direct sunlight, clear of the ground on 

pallets and protect from extreme temperatures. In tropical climate 

the product must be stored in air-conditioned environment (<25ºC).

Shelf life is 12 months when stored as above.


20 Kg Pails & 200 Kg Drum


1Kg /m² at 0.5 mm thickness.

Two coats will give a combined approximate thickness of 1mm

Do not accept the product if you find the packaging is damaged

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